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meet the team

Professionally speaking the word “team” comes to mine, but we’re more than just that. We’re family and dear friends. My name is Cassandra, you will recognize me by my signature red side ponytail, bun or side braid. I am the owner of Ever After Vintage Weddings. My passion for flowers started over 10 years ago. I have a background in wedding photography, event coordination and design. I enjoy travel, going to the movies, theme parks and afternoon tea. My husband Dale is my heaven sent helper who helps me with the mechanics of what I do, and our faithful farm table transporter. Our team is made up of strong relationships built up over the years. For example my sweet friend Jennifer (the crazy blonde) and I started working close together many years ago when I was a wedding photographer. She now has her own successful business as a newborn photographer, but works with me in the shop part time and on wedding days. She’s a natural and I bet you couldn’t tell the difference between my floral work, and hers. While I do most the designing, I rest easy at night knowing my friends have my back. As much fun as we have together really it’s hard to even call it “work”.

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