Interview with Happily Ever Caffeinated Eco Friendly Weddings

Did you know that vintage rentals are eco friendly?  They are!  Think of how many weddings happen each year.  How many people?  Eating, drinking, and celebrating.  What's left behind all adds up.  Here are a few reasons explained why choosing to rent for your wedding can help the environment.

*  Don't do disposable!  Renting dishes is a much more eco friendly option.  The environment will thank you!  If you are on a budget, we are happy to chat with you regarding the different options available to get the most out of your money and make a good choice on your dishware.

*  Thrifting is awesome, but let us do the work!  We did not get our collection overnight.  HOWEVER, much of it has been purchased locally just 5 minutes from our home, or from past brides we find.  Plus we know exactly the right places to go to get what we need.  Don't try to travel all over town gathering and collecting.  You will waste emissions, time and money.  So many brides book us after starting this process and realizing how much more they are spending, and how much time it takes.   Renting dishes instead of thrifting them will save you money.

*  NO wrapping.  Let's say you are ambitious and decide you are going to do your own thrifting.  Everything you buy will be wrapped in paper or plastic, maybe even cardboard boxes to transport it?   Are you familiar with the easiest ways to transport it?  Or will the idea of a box falling and breaking your decor inside make you worry?  We have done this a time or two.  When we thrift locally, we pass on the wrapping.  We use crates with safe placement to prevent risk or breakage or unnecessary cardboard boxes.

*  Repurpose, recycle and reuse is our game.  We love it, and would like to think we are good at it!  From redesigning furniture, reusing glass jars, using wood scraps, making napkins out of vintage fabrics. etc.  Another example, instead of using a tissue tassle garland, consider using one of our reusable yarn ones. 

We love weddings, and we love making other peoples old stuff pretty and new!  Thanks so much Jessie for having us on Happily Ever Caffeinated!  I think I have now recovered from our illustration dreams being crushed.


Cassandra VanCuren