A Look into our Design Package: A Bohemian Earthy Backyard Wedding

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I wanted to take a moment to talk a little bit about our Design and Styling packages, and how they work.  Back in November 2016 we started to work on Greg and Erica's wedding.  They purchased our full design package.  This means we took Erica's thoughts and came up with a detailed design we knew she would love.  We provided tables, dishes, decor, designed the flowers, provided her with a multi page design guide outlining everything we were doing, and then set everything up the day of the wedding.

Couples with intimate weddings love our service!  Why?  Because we can provide a truly unique experience where every detail is thought out and carefully designed.  We can provide tables, seating, dishes, design, decor, and florals.  The day of the wedding, we set everything up.  We're talking Pinterest worthy detail here.

We started working on Erica's wedding this past November.  She wanted rich red colors mixed with amber, and green.  For accents she wanted to use skulls and raw gems like rose quartz, citrine, and smoky quartz.  The focal point was a large old gazebo frame in the backyard she wanted to cover with lace.  Our team was up to the challenge and I could not be happier with the results!

Bohemian Lace Ceremony Tent

Above is a photo of how it turned out!  So pretty!  Below you can view a page from Erica's design guide we provided her with our vision for the tent.  I would say we were pretty spot on! 

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Another favorite part of this wedding was the flowers!!  She wanted lots of green and texture!  We provided long green willow eucalyptus garlands for the tables mixed with arrangements.  Erica provided some small crystals and small animal skulls.  The flowers were rich red garden roses, the most adorable soft blush spray roses that looked like garden roses, rosemary, king protea, duchess protea, thistle, hanging amaranthus, white statice and more.  Below you will find a look at a page from Erica's design guide with our floral inspiration. 

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Boho Skull Wedding 
Earthy Bohemian Wedding with Skulls

I can't tell you how amazing it felt to see everything come together so nicely!  I felt like this design challenged me to step out of my usual box, but with a strong passion for bohemian style, I feel like we for sure rocked it!  Click any of the below photos to view them larger.  A special thanks to my amazing husband and my two dear friends and assistants Jennifer and Lucy!  These lovely photos were taken by Jenn Carroll Photography.

Cassandra VanCuren