HELLO!  My favorite color is light blue.  I love traveling, afternoon tea, creating, cupcakes, and cats.  I live in a small town with my husband and son, whom I adore.  I am the proud owner of Ever After Vintage Weddings.

 I've been known as a cake decorator, floral designer,  graphics artist, an event coordinator, a paper crafter, jewelry artist, photographer, mother and a wife!  Most of our rental collection comes from my hobby of collecting vintage things over the years. While I have a strong obsession for detail, I appreciate things with imperfections.



This is Dale, and I must say he is pretty darn awesome!  Not only am I proud to call him my husband, but I am proud of all the hard work he does to make things happen.  He hauls all our pretty things to every event, and also builds us things like our awesome white swinging doors, farm tables and more.  For his day job he owns his own business rebuilding interiors and upholstery on high end hot rods.  He could eat Subway everyday for lunch, and in what little free time he has, he enjoys RC planes.



She likes cookies, music, babies, UNICORNS and sparkly pretty things.   She is the most detail oriented,  genuine sweet southern gal you will ever meet!  Not to mention a dedicated hard worker.  She works with us as a floral designer, assistant, and helps with setups.  She also specializes in newborn and children's photography.



Lucy is our life saver!  AKA our assistant.  She likes flowers, her notebook, French macarons, the piano, mountains and if she is not working, you can also find her at the beach or by the pool.  We have had the pleasure doing LOTS of projects together.  She has this gift of tackling problems and making you feel at peace and calm!  She is full of energy and knows how to get things done.  When she is not working with Ever After Vintage Weddings, she is a couture fine art photographer.