Blush and Burgundy Powel Crosley Estate Wedding Sarasota Florida

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Chevonne and Vaughn-87.jpg

I am so excited to share a few photos from our first time at Powel Crosley! We have always wanted to work here, and finally had an opportunity a couple months ago. To make things even better, we had a chance to run into an old friend Kera with Kera Photography, so we knew we would have some lovely photos to share from the wedding. The bride wanted blush and burgundy with fun textures. We used King Protea, Cafe Dahlias, Hearts roses, blush Astilbe, Scabiosa, and Black Dahlias along with other lovely florals and textures. Feel free to click the photos below for a better view. We can’t wait to return back to this amazing venue next month, and again in February!

Cassandra VanCuren