Burgundy and Navy Wedding Centerpieces for Different Budgets


If you’re anything like me, sometimes it’s easier to see things. While I can try to explain our medium arrangement has X number of focal flowers verses our small size which has X number, I figured maybe I would do a post with a few examples. This also gave me the opportunity to get my creative juices flowing and play with some darker colors. This is something I would like to do more post on in the future with different styles. I know the next idea on my list will be to demonstrate the difference between a thick garland with flowers, a thin garland, and a greenery runner with placed stems and a hint of floral. This is something else where the style a few different ways makes a huge impact on your budget. A common misunderstanding is “oh it’s just “greenery” so it’ll be cheap”.

Sorry, I got ahead of myself! In this post I will share a few examples of what the same style of a rich jewel tone wedding table design might look like for different budgets. I think this is also helpful to see because most often all those gorgeous over the top table designs on pinterest flood our minds with dreams of cascading florals dancing in our heads, but not knowing what something like that cost, we can only dream. Since I think I am clever, let’s just have fun and call our three examples below “like it”, “love it”, and “gotta have it”. Way to go Cold Stone! So let’s get started!


I’m starting right at the top! The photos above would be an example of a table lush with florals! This table includes our large size arrangement in the center along with 2 of our medium size arrangements to the left and right. I also added just a hint of greenery for contrast and interest down the center. Picture a row of these alternating size centerpieces and you have the stuff dreams are made of. Our large size arrangements include beautiful floral options including higher cost flowers with lots of options for textures and interest. Sometimes we can play with the price a bit depending on what type of florals you would like and how much greenery. We have a variety of containers and tall vase options to add lots of interest and character. As for the medium size arrangements, I’ll chat a bit more about them below. Feel free to click the images above for a better view.

TIP: If you “GOTTA HAVE IT”…… a bit scaled down. Consider a fuller design similar to above on your head table, with more scaled down arrangements on your guest tables. If you have round tables, having just a handful of tall centerpieces mixed with small or medium makes a lovely impact.



The photo above, and the 2 below would be what I would call our “love it” option. This would be our medium size arrangement which is our most popular size. It might not tower above you, but it is a pretty good size. We can also add to the length and/or height a bit with the use of more greenery with a few taller stems, or by the container selected. Our medium size arrangements also have a good variety of higher cost florals mixed with wonderful textures and a mix of greenery. These look great on a long or round table.

TIP: On feasting style tables where you have long rows, consider alternating tables with the centerpieces. The ones between look great with placed stems of greenery with a few flowers. This will help cut back cost a bit, while still looking great. Or, if you have some wiggle room in your budget, but just not a “gotta have it” kinda budget, you can make your tables a bit more lush by adding a thin greenery garland with a few flowers along with a centerpiece on each table. Also adding interesting decor, or unique dishes can add a lot to the table design.


Last, below we have our “like it” option. Our small size centerpiece. I don’t under estimate this little guy as he is a great tool. Every wedding style is different, and in so many situations a small centerpiece can help take some pressure off a budget but still be lovely. Our small size arrangements are a little more scaled back, but still hold their own. Our small size arrangements often have less focal flowers and more fillers or more greenery. Like our medium size, we can play with the size a little by adding longer stems of greenery. These look great mixed with larger sizes, or mixed with greenery runners.

TIP: On a tighter budget our small size arrangements can be mixed with alternating tables with decor rentals with some height such as lanterns, tall candlesticks, candelabras, or geo shapes with a little greenery.


Hopefully you find this post helpful! Please feel free to CONTACT US for more information regarding the pricing on our small, medium and large sized arrangements or to chat with us about how we can help make your wedding extra special. Also, not to be forgotten, no wedding is complete without all the other pretty details, so please feel free to enjoy the photos below with some inspiration for ceremony design, bouquet, and more.

Cassandra VanCuren