Colorful Boho Estate Home Wedding Lakeland Florida


Photography:  THE GANEYS,  Catering:  TASTES OF TAMPA BAY, Calligraphy:  COWAHL, Dress:  NIKKI'S GLITZ AND GLAM, Cake:  CAKES BY MAGGI, Videography:  HATFIELD PRODUCTIONS, Shoes:  SOLE SOCIETY, DJ:  MIKE JENKS, Lighting:  GET LIT PRODUCTIONS, Invite Illustration:  HEATHER PELL (Friend of the bride), Design + Florals + Rentals:  EVER AFTER VINTAGE WEDDINGS, Day of Coordination:  JENNIFER WITH EVER AFTER VINTAGE WEDDINGS

Since most the time couples stumble upon our site for wedding inspiration, while I love all our couples, I usually keep my post in theme of decor.  However, this Valentine's Day I thought I would gush a little about Ashley and Matthew.  When I first sat down with Ashley and her mother, I will admit, I was nervous.  As many times as I do this job, there's still those moments when you find your self babbling a bit too much, and worrying that you look like your trying just a little too hard.  The truth is I was trying hard, and I did babble lol.  Listening to Ashley describe what she wanted in her wedding was exciting and felt right up my alley.  I really wanted to design this wedding!  She loved flowers, and wanted to remember this incredible celebration under the stars with string lights and good food.  Fun food!  Like tacos and sliders! She wanted to feel apart of the celebration.  Later I got to meet Matthew, and you just could not help but love this sweet down to earth couple.  I remember one meeting Dale and I met at the house to measure out some things for the wedding.  It was dark, and after a long talk with Ashley,  Dale and Matthew were still chatting!  Ashley and I laughed at our gabby men.  As I got into the car Dale went on about how cool Matthew was.  On their big day, they were such a joy to work with.  I will never forget as Dale and I were headed out I passed by Ashley as she stood there with her dad about to walk down the aisle.  Knowing it was a special moment I tried not to interrupt or make eye contact.  I couldn't help it though, because there's a warm feeling in my heart seeing everything come together on the big day.  As I quickly glanced over to soak it all in, Ashley made eye contact in that moment and whispered "thank you".  I loved this wedding, and I loved this couple!


Ashley and Matthew hired us for our full Design + Styling package,  day of coordination and flowers.  You see, when a couple hires us for our full design package, it's not just the "things" they are getting.  I put my whole heart and soul into their vision, and in a way it feels like a part of me.  There's a lot of hours, a lot of late nights, a lot of love, care, and sometimes some hand crafting.  Also, yes a lot of stuff too!! lol  We worked double time to make their wedding happen as there were only a couple months to plan it.  One of the things our full package includes is our "Best Friend Service".  This is something that can be hard to explain, but basically each wedding we are able to help with certain ideas and concepts that might not relate exactly to florals or rentals.  Think of it as the things you usually beg your friends to help out with.  As part of this service, for this wedding we helped Ashley with a few things.  One of these things was her invitations.  She wanted to have something memorable and hand illustrated.  One of her talented friends was able to paint her invitation design.  Thanks to a past with skills in graphic design, we were able to do some Photoshop work and turn the illustration into a complete invitation suite.  We were also able to help with signage, and used part of the illustration to make tags for her favors.  Another fun addition was we made yard sized dominoes and corn hole with bean bags in coordinating colors and fun floral patterns to match the wedding design.  Last but not least we hand made a variety of floral cones that were filled with a home made Chex mix that one of the couples friends made.


The design for the wedding was FUN!  The ceremony was a mix matched collection of upholstered sofas, chairs, wicker furniture and wooden benches.  Family members who had passed were honored by photos displayed in beautiful frames and placed on some of the ceremony seating.  After the ceremony all the furniture was arranged in lounge areas and a boho style tent embellished with pillows and rugs.  The reception was 2 long rows of farm tables embellished with vintage lace and an eclectic mix of vintage and modern dishware. Each setting had a mix of colorful goblets, and the look was finished off with copper flatware.  Down the center of the table was a green garland and beautiful arrangements with burgundy Dahlias, peach and mauve garden roses, eucalyptus and other fun textures.  The flowers were some of my favorite for this wedding!  Including a large bouquet with pampas grass and mix matched bridesmaid bouquets that went along with the mix match dresses.  There were too many details to list them all.  Everything was displayed beautifully right down to the lush display of modern and fun His and Her's dinner stations!  I guess that's enough talking from me, I am going to let the beautiful photos from The Ganeys say the rest!  So thankful for this couple, our amazing team, and Jennifer who totally rocked the day of coordination as well as helped behind the scenes creating cones, bean bags, welcome signs and more! 

If you would like more information on how we could make your big day extra special, send us an email and tell us more! 


Cassandra VanCuren