Girls Weekend EA Getaway Summer Southern Comfort Orlando Florida


Last weekend was one of my favorite times of year!  It was our annual EA Getaway in Orlando.  Our EA Getaway is a weekend in Orlando where we host a girls trip for creative professionals and their friends + family that cheer them on.  The goal is a casual relaxing break and a chance to recharge and network.  Each year I invite other creative professionals to join in on the fun and contribute by speaking or teaching everyone something new.  This Spring Ever After Vintage Weddings went through some changes, and in an effort to offer our best self, we had to realize we couldn't continue doing everything we wanted to and had to adjust our priorities.  Going through this process inspired our 2018 EA Getaway's theme.  COMFORT!  Whether accepting their own changes, discussing balance, acceptance, etc....I wanted the girls to leave feeling comforted and encouraged.  I wanted everyone to feel like they are not alone and we all in one way or another have similar journeys and challenges.  I would say it worked.  It was an emotional year with tough talks followed by big laughs. 

The girls arrived to a brunch which included a grits topping bar with lots of yummy options and other southern treats like chicken and biscuits,  deviled eggs and candied bacon.  The tables where decorated with arrangements we put together and gift baskets.  The baskets included small cans of rose bubbly, chocolate bacon candy bars, cutie bath bombs, peach cobbler lollipops and much more.

Andrea with The Creative Spring spoke on "Getting Comfortable with Failure" and understanding rarely is anything 100% success or fail. We then had a vulnerable discussion about scary goals, risk taking, and accepting the outcome and consequences of our decisions.  It was a deep talk, with everyone agreeing it was nice to discuss together.  Often as business owners I feel like we try to put on a smile and ignore the struggles that arise and emotional challenges we face as a result of doing what we do.  However, it is those in similar situations that understand oh too well.  It was nice to share and the encouragement that followed was truly amazing.  

After a deep talk we were all ready for lunch!  It was nice there was dinning options right at the resort and we did not have to leave.  After lunch Amanda with Amanda Kammarada Hand Lettering taught us a Hand Letting class.  Each place setting included sample sheets and Tombow markers that Amanda gave us.  During class we learnt how to hold our pen and we went through the alphabet.  Afterwards she encouraged us to write an inspirational quote or anything we like to take home and frame.  I'll admit, I was tired from staying up late chatting with friends, so my patience was a bit thinner than I like, but I was excited to take everything home to keep practicing.  This is actually something I really want to learn and it DOES NOT COME NATURALLY to me. lol.  My sign said " You can eventually do it" lol

Afterwards we had dinner and came back to the room for a PJ party with a southern pie bar, a cheese and snack platter, and to play a game.  The game was Telestrations, but I made my own books so that all the girls could play.  I also made my own word cards that related to each girls profession as well as southern and summer related words.  There were some REALLY REALLY funny moments and we laughed so hard my gut hurt. lol

I am so so happy that Ashlee Hamon was able to join us to capture all the details and our special moments.  She did such an amazing job!!  After I come home each year, I am always eager for next year.  While every year seems like my favorite, I honestly couldn't pick a favorite as they are all special with unforgettable memories!  I know I have said it before, but I feel very blessed to be in an industry that supports creativity and each others unique talents!   Cheers to such a wonderful group of ladies!  Thank you all so much for spending the weekend with me!

Cassandra VanCuren