Getting the Most out of Your Wedding Flowers


It seems like every now and then I stumble upon someone who says "I just don't want to spend a bunch on flowers that will just be thrown away".  My inner self gasp when I hear this, so I thought I would share a couple different perspectives, and offer a few ideas on how you can get the absolute most out of your wedding flowers!

1.  MAKING IT COZY.  Think for a minute how you feel walking into a doctors office, or a school room.  Now imagine how you feel walking into a garden, being outside, or going for a walk.  We rely on our senses to tell us how we should feel in any certain environment.  When your guest arrive and are seated waiting for a ceremony to start, flowers and greenery can provide them with a cozy feeling and give them something to admire and talk about.  This can also be achieved by a lovely outdoor venue.  However, if it's the middle of summer heat, perhaps embellish the indoors with greenery and beautiful blooms where your guest can enjoy them in the AC.

2.  MAKE THEM MEMORABLE.  I personally feel like this is something that often gets overlooked!  If you don't feel connected to your flowers, it's easy to not understand their value.  Going back to senses, consider adding elements to your flowers that are important to you!  Such as perhaps rosemary reminds you of your grandmothers cooking.  Or on your first date, your fiance gave you yellow roses.  Maybe you have a garden out back with a special plant you love.  Succulents are also fun because you can continue to grow them after the wedding.  If your from out of state, you could consider adding in you or your fiances state flower.  Think of things that trigger nostalgic memories.  If you can't think of one, make one!  I was so tickled pink when I noticed a bride share a photo of the flowers her fiance got her for Valentine's day.  It included Amnesia roses which was the flowers we had planned for their wedding.  Things like this make my day! I always tell my clients the names of the flowers we are using.  Not just "white rose" but White Cloud Garden Roses.  I feel like the more our couples feel like they know their florals, the more important and memorable they are.  Then perhaps the next time you smell eucalyptus, you will smile with a head full of thoughts of such a happy moment past.

3.  MAKE AN IMPACT.  Perhaps a dear friend was unable to make it last minute to your wedding, or maybe an elderly relative.  Consider talking with your florist about the possibilities of having a centerpiece delivered to them letting them know they were missed.  You can also talk with your florist about the possibility of having the flowers donated.  Just please keep in mind, some florist price according to the reuse of the flowers which is a lovely eco friendly option.  So coming up with a plan before hand will avoid any misunderstandings.

I hope these ideas help to inspire you!

Cassandra VanCuren