Macrame and Margaritas Orlando Girls Weekend Trip Gaylord Palms


So, a few weeks ago I was getting ready to go out, and my husband came in and says to me "Hey honey, by the way, I am going on a trip to Kentucky in a few weeks and I want to take Dylan with me."  WHAT!  Now to some, a house empty with the husband and your children away sounds blissful!  Not me!  I can't think of the last time I was alone for four days straight!  What would I do?!!  Sit around for four days?  Spring clean?  No fun!  So I asked him if he would mind if a grabbed a couple girls and stayed the night in Orlando.  Well, some how a couple girls turned in to 20!  I was excited to find a deal on one of my favorite hotels in Orlando, Gaylord Palms!  If you have never been there, you are missing out.  It's especially a treat in Florida's hot weather!  I love their huge atrium, and LOVE the restaurants there!!  I opened the invitation up to a group of awesome wedding professionals I adore.  The theme of our little getaway was Macrame and Margaritas.  It was a casual get together to chat, relax, and get a little crafty.

Our trip started out at Portobello in Disney Springs.  They were so nice to accommodate our large party, and even set our tables up early for us so that we could place little gift boxes at each spot.  The gift boxes were adorable blush gift boxes I found on Etsy.  They were the perfect shade of pink!  Inside was yummy home made coconut marshmallows from Trudy Melissa Cakes, a mix of Pineapple can openers, flamingo can openers, and pineapple wine corks from Beaucoup.  They have the most adorable favors!  Also inside was adorable lemon and lime candy fruit slice soaps from Love Lee Soaps these seriously looked so good you could eat them!  Gourmet Watermelon Peach Margarita and Whiskey Guava Lollipops from one of my favorite shops on Etsy The Groovy Baker , and adorable pineapple hair elastics from Love Mia + Co.  Which is another cute shop for favors!!  Another treat the girls got was adorable name tags my dear friend Jennifer made everyone which were so cute and embellished with a little pineapple!  I was also very happy with the food I got at the restaurant.  I ordered a raspberry Italian soda, a portobello mushroom appetizer and a mushroom pizza.  YES, I love mushrooms lol.

After lunch we all headed to the resort to check in.  After a fun time just relaxing by the pool, I taught a macrame class.  This was done pool side, which really felt relaxing and carefree.  I taught the girls three different knots, and they worked on wall hangings and plant holders.  It was lots of fun, but it went by so so quick!  Before we knew it the trip was over!  We finished off with a yummy breakfast buffet at the resort and said our goodbyes.  I LOVE that we all came together and celebrated as one.  Almost all of us where in the wedding industry, there were multiple wedding planners, multiple photographers, and 3 wedding rentals companies!  None of that mattered though.  We had a lovely time! #communityovercompetition I am so grateful so many sweet talented people decided they would share a free weekend with me in Orlando.  So fun!  Thanks so much for the pictures in this post which were taken by Jenn Carroll Photography and Tamarie Photography!


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