lady? boss? creative? Guess're invited!


This is NOT your average networking event. We are all unique creative individuals, and we all learn and connect in different ways.  Sometimes we just need a break from the formalities of running our business!  That's what our annual EA Getaway is about.  Casual, comfortable relaxation with a touch of networking.  Sorry guys, this getaway is for the girls!  This event is for creative female professionals, their assistants, and their friends + family that cheer them on. Celebrating our 4th year of fun!


What is EA GETAWAY? In one word, FUN! However more than that it is a casual way of networking from the typical formalities of “meetings” and “luncheons”. Every year we invite creative female professionals to gather for a fun little getaway! It’s a relaxing environment to unwind, and spend time getting to know and sharing with one another. To keep cost down, and things casual, we room together with a common area to meet. This is usually a suite or villa of some sort. Each year we encourage a fellow creative to speak or share something new with the group. From business tips to craft projects, it’s fun to learn something new and we always have a blast!! The important part is at the end of the weekend, you will feel encouraged, refreshed and will know everyone’s names!

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(photos from past EA GETAWAYS)

what to expect

Meeting people you will never forget, rooming together, paying for your own room, being comfortable in your pjs, letting loose, jumping in the pool or soaking in the sun,  learning something new, laughter, some food provided, covering your own expenses, cheers, welcome goodies, and take home treats.

what not to expect

A formal meeting room, being on your best behavior, wearing heels (unless you want too), being bored, stuffiness, looking your best.....the WHOLE weekend,  your meals being provided, not making new friends, not having fun, rooming by yourself (this experience is best enjoyed with some friends), that this won't be an adventure.


Due the the close nature of this getaway, space will be very limited.  We want an intimate environment where everyone has a chance to get to know one another.  We will do our best to schedule reservations for meals so that everyone has the opportunity to eat together if they wish. There will be plenty of time for enjoying the pool along with other scheduled activities.  Room sharing is affordable and fun!  If you need help finding a roommate, I am happy to help!  It is encouraged to grab your ticket and book your room as soon as possible to ensure a spot!  It is suggested to enjoy the full weekend together.  However, if you are unable to room both nights, we still welcome you to join us.  Just please keep in mind we are unable to adjust ticket cost for partial stays.  For any questions please email me at